Water for weight loss – 5 Simple Ways

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Water for weight loss

Weight loss. As you heard it many times: drinking more water will help your weight loss.

But, does it really help weight loss?  The answer is yes. Drinking water helps us to control our hunger, boost the immune system and save from overeating.

water for weight loss
water for weight loss


More than weight loss, there are also many benefits to drinking water . Few areas above:-

  • Drinking water helps boost your metabolism,
  • Cleanse your body of waste
  • Acts as an appetite suppressant.
  • Makes you feel full and control your appetite
  • Help to digest food in the proper way
  • Keep dehydrate all the time
  • Make skin youthful and glowing
  • Boost brain power
  • Flush out toxin
  • Prevent cramp and sprains
  • Improve complexion
  • Turn aside headaches

And many more……..

So for all those, who want to drop those extra pounds and weight loss, make sure you’re drinking the recommended eight to ten glasses per day to keep yourself hydrated and stay healthy.








As water contains zero calories and make you feel full at their earliest, so drinking it before every meal can make you feel fuller, therefore help you to reduce the amount of food you eat.


According to Health resource website WebMD, drinking water before meals results in an average reduction in intake of 75 calories per meal. If someone builds a habit of drinking water before just one meal per day would cause them to ingest 27,000 fewer calories per year.


In that way, one can lose about eight pounds per year just from drinking water! Isn’t great!




Say goodbye to the sodas and juice and replace them with water to help you lose weight. If you don’t like the taste of plain water because of its boing tastes, you can buy some zero calories favored pack or can add a slice of lemon.

A glass of water with lemon is a top-secret recipe and an easy way for successful weight loss because properties of lemons help reduce food cravings and help you shed those extra pounds.

So, to say no to those sugary drinks for just a few weeks and see the difference.


 ICE COLD…Coldest



What is the science behind drinking iced cold water?

Well…according to the editorial staff at WebMD, If you drink ice cold water, then your body has to work harder to warm the water up. therefore, burning more calories and helping you to lose weight and altogether this activity helps you to boost your metabolism also.

Moreover, ice cold water is found so much more refreshing than water that’s room temperature so its easy to drink.


Increase  GYM experience


water for weight loss
water for weight lose


As we know, drinking water helps prevent muscle cramps and keeps your joints lubricated. You can work out longer and harder without feeling any pain. therefore, Your blood circulation gets better and proper hydration leads you to lose weight fast.





For weight loss, it’s very important to drink water in the appropriate amount. If you really want the water you drink to help you lose weight, one has to take at least 8-10 glass water every day.

Drink 8-10 glasses of water per day for weight loss and to maintain an ideal weight.

Remember,  no of a glass of water consumption totally depends on your size, weight, and activity level. If you exercise, doing gym, cardio, weight lifting, yoga and any other activity which cause a lot or sweat heavily, you need to have more consumption of water.

You also can have less water if you drink other beverages like herbal tea, but remember that has to be decaffeinated.

Amount of water you need depends on your size, weight, and activity level.

Am I drinking enough water? How one can come to know?

Well, A general rule is to check the same is the toilet after you’ve gone to the bathroom.

If your urine is clear or very light yellow in color, consequently you are well hydrated. Therefore, darker your urine indicate the amount of toxin in your body which has to be thrown out anyway.

Most noteworthy, if your goal is to lose weight, drink more water.


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