13 Popular Indian Snacks List

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Indian snacks food is globally known for its amazing taste, magical aroma, and rich super ingredients. Indian cuisine has the whole palette of flavors. Spicy, sour, sweet, and hot -you just name it. Its taste and texture making it something that not only Indian but every foodie wants to jump off the plate.  It’s important to understand the various dishes and flavors that make up Indian cuisine.

There’s as much varied cuisine in India as you would find in any other place of the world. It’s all totally different, and the only thing that connects it is a judicious knowledge of the use of spices.


Indian dishes and street foods are basically blended of basic 20 to 30 spices,  used in many dishes—cumin, coriander, turmeric, and ginger, to name a few—and there is the endless number of ways of using them. Every spice has a special reason for being there and use of that spice make the dish tastier.


What is best in Indian snacks or street food:-

  • Cheap in price.
  • Easily available in India.
  • Rich in taste.
  • No of variety is there.
  • The best part of Indian street food is that one doesn’t have to be afraid to start playing around with making it or experiment it at home.
  • These spices not only enhance the taste but contains lots of other health benefits, and they make the food more exciting and delicious.


Therefore, we will go for a voyage of popular Indian snacks to discover new. All these snacks are very lip-smacking and yummy which is a very MUST TRY  for every crazy foodie. So, lets began…!!!



Some called it gol gappe, some phuchkas. Even in Maharashtra its known as Pani Puri. Names are many but its presentation and taste are amazing.

People keep experimenting with it as per there social command over it spices, but in all places, you will find crisp gol gappe made of wheat flour or rava (sooji) with flavored water made of coriander and mint leaves, spices, salt.

The sour, spicy and sweet taste made it ultimate which is must to have. Delhi is synonymous with street food and Chat! Treat your taste buds to these tempting, spicy gol gappe which you can have easily in Delhi or anywhere else in India.

2. Indian Snacks RAJ KACHORI


One can have more than 52 varieties of Kachoris invented in the desert-land of India, Rajasthan. These deeply fried kachoris which look like cutlets are filled with herbs, spices, onions, pea, lentils, cottage cheese, cooked vegetables and so much more!

Two ways are there to enjoy it one with tamarind or mint chutney or second with Aloo sabzi. This lip-smacking delicacy is worth tasted once in a lifetime.




Galouti Kebabs or the Tangdi Kebabs, straight from the city of Nawabs. these mouth-watering Kebabs are worth trying.

The secret behind these soft inside and crispy outside – ancient way of Marinated in spices, which makes it amazing.best way to have it with coriander and mint chutney.

Don’t forget to have it on your next trip to Lucknow.



This genuine Bihari cooking dish, Litti or the oven heated sattu balls are presented with Aloo and Baigan bharta, and curd. In spite of the fact that it looks like dal-batti of Rajasthan yet is completely extraordinary in taste and readiness. It is justified regardless of an attempt when in the city of Bihar.




Believed to be started in Tibet and Nepal, but now because of its special taste, this yummy bite is broadly made in the northeastern states.

Loaded down with a filling of your decision – meat, pork, hamburger, or cabbage, momos are generally accessible. went with red-hot red stew garlic-tomato sauce which makes it even more delicious.



This is a very popular tea time prepared with a flavorful filling, for example, spiced potatoes, lentils, beans, cottage cheese, spicy, ground sheep, ground hamburger or ground chicken.

The size, shape, and consistency may differ, however regularly, they are an unmistakably triangular shape, which s its identity. Samosas are frequently joined by chutney.

They are not just loved by entire Asia, infect, celebrated in different nations also with various names.




Chole Bhature is a blend of two dishes, coupled together to comes up with an awesome delicacy of North India. we use Chole to make a curry of it, which are set up in a super blend of spices.  Bhature is deep fried southern style bread made of maida flour.

Well known and the super-flavorful delicious dish is not only  Punjabi’s but every Indian favorite dish. Finally , its served with chutney, and onion salad. It is worth trying once.




Bread pakora is an Indian tea-time snack. It is otherwise called bread bhaji. A typical street food. It is made using bread cuts, gram flour, and flavors among different ingredients. Bread pakora is set up by dipping triangular bread cuts in the thick paste of gram flour, made out of spices. Deep fry it till it turns crispy.

Slice of cottage cheese and mash of boiled potatoes mixed with spices in it as filling, it all together made it yummier.

More ever, bread Pakora is an extremely popular any time Indian munching formula and is very simple to make at home too.




In seasons of rain or monsoon, crispy onion, potato, and cheese pakora with the cup of tea well enough to make your day. You can have many types of pakoras like onion, potato, green chill, cauliflower, spinach, and other lots of vegetables.

Its great to have when you want something quick.




It is one of the most popular snacks in Rajasthan north India. In India, it plays a very important role in marriage or religious occasions like karwa-chouth and even as the tea-time snack.

In India, if its Tea, there will be mathri and namkeen. They both go hand in hand. It is made of flour, water, and spices. Cumin seeds are optional. The idea of the creation of this snack was the need to preserve food that will stay edible for days.

Above all, the finished products are often stored in big jars at room temperature to be consumed with tea as snacks.




It is made by deep frying maida flour batter in the circular shape, which is then soaked in sugar syrup. this syrup provides color, sweetness, aroma to fried jalebi funnel. Thus, it is very rich in taste and amazing to have.



Bhelpuri made of puffed rice is a savory, sweet and spicy snack, and is also a type of chaat.  Vegetables, tangy tamarind sauce. Potato chips, peanuts, coriander leaves, lemon juice, onion, and green chilly help to enhance its taste. In the beaches of Mumbai, such as Chowpatty or Juhu, its known as Bhel.




It is a vegetarian food item that originates from the Indian state of Gujarat, made with a fermented derived from gram flour or split chickpeas flour. Dhokla is very rich in taste and can have any time. Furthermore , sugar syrup with black mustard seed, lemon juice, green chilly and curry leaves made it, even more, better with



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